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Automatically add scheduled classes to your calendar
Automatically add scheduled classes to your calendar

It's now easier than ever to make sure you're not missing class with the ability to sync your class schedule with your calendar

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When scheduling classes at your favorite fitness studio, you can sync up your calendar on your device with your FitGrid Class App to add your classes directly to your calendar. No matter which operating system/device you're using (iOS/Android), you can add your classes to your calendar after signing up.

If you want to add a class to your calendar, follow these simple steps to sync your calendar to your FitGrid Class App:

Step 1: From the Home Screen, tap into your Class App profile

Step 2: Once in your Class App profile, scroll to the bottom and tap the Settings button:

Step 3: Once inside the Settings, located the Sync Schedule with Calendar option and toggle this On (Green):

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