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Flexible Auto-Renewal Packages
Flexible Auto-Renewal Packages

Now it's easier than ever to stay on-top of your fitness goals within the FitGrid Class App!

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When you purchase through Class App, you will be able to select a Flexible Auto-Renewal option that will automatically refill your class credits after the last one in your package is used.

Profile View

You can manage your active memberships from your in-app profile page.

Passes View

You can deactivate/activate Flexible Auto-Renewal at any time by going to Profile Settings > Your Active Memberships & Passes > Deactivate/Activate Flexible Auto-Renewal

The ACTIVE label indicates that the auto-renewal is active.

Activating Flexible Auto-Renewal

When you tap ACTIVATE FLEXIBLE AUTO-RENWAL from the passes view, you will be given additional information about how you will be charged.

Deactivating Flexible Auto-Renewal

When you tap DEACTIVATE FLEXIBLE AUTO-RENEWAL from the passes view, you will be given additional information about what that means.

Package Pending

If the charge does not go through (in some cases the charge may have failed or if you deactivated the pricing option, etc.) you will see a "PENDING" status icon on your package tile in the "Passes" view. FitGrid will continue to try to charge you 3 times over the course of several days. If you update your credit card and the failed charge was due to a billing issue, the charge will be completed immediately.

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