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How to Link your Studios on the FitGrid Class App
How to Link your Studios on the FitGrid Class App

Link your studios to access class credits, accrue rewards and track your workouts.

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Linking your studio(s) will allow you to see upcoming classes you scheduled before downloading the app, view all past classes, receive friend connection recommendations, and/or book classes with available class credits.

Link your Studios

  1. Open the FitGrid Class App

  2. Head to your Profile (click on your profile picture located at the top left of the home page)

3. Locate the Add Email Associated With Studios icon

4. Add the email address connected to your studio profile(s)/Mindbody accounts. If you use a different email for various studio logins, you will have the option to send an activation link to multiple email addresses.

NOTE: You will need access to these accounts in order to connect your accounts.

5. Head to your inbox to retrieve the activation email from and click CONNECT YOUR ACCOUNTS.

NOTE: Be sure to check your spam folder if you’re unable to locate the email right away. For best results, add as a known contact. For additional support, review this article: ensure emails arrive in your inbox successfully.

6. You’ll now see your linked studios listed under your profile.

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