What are the user requirements for using the FitGrid Class App?

A user must:

  • Be at least eighteen years of age

  • Register under the user’s legal name

  • Have the right, power, and ability to enter into and perform FitGrid’s User Terms of Service and always use the Class App in compliance with such User Terms of Service.

  • Comply with all federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations

  • Not use the Class App or any of the FitGrid Services or for any fraudulent purpose, commit any crime, or harass another user or users,.

Also, as a user, you may not set up multiple Class App accounts with different email addresses.

How does the FitGrid Class App work?

The Class App allows users to create one universal profile that enables aggregated searches, viewing class schedules, and managing reservations of fitness classes and other services offered by thousands of participating studios. The Class App enables users to synchronize accounts they have with studios so they may use current series, memberships, gift cards, or account credits to purchase new or additional services. The Android version of the FitGrid Class App may allow users to register through a Facebook account and/or link the Class App with a Facebook account.

What benefits do users get by reserving through the FitGrid Class App?

  • Free classes: New Class App users will be offered up to five free classes at studios they have not attended before. Additional terms apply (see below).

  • Convenience: See which classes friends are signing up for and quickly and easily reserve that same class through the Class App.

  • Late Cancellation Warnings: Studios often charge the full class price for a late cancellation. The Class App helps users avoid such fees by sending reminders in advance.

  • COVID Relief Charity: Help the needy. FitGrid donates a portion of bookings and other revenue to the No Kid Hungry COVID relief program.

  • More Great Features: The nominal service fee allows FitGrid to continue its mission to help users meet fitness goals while building your friend groups and helping you plug into the fitness community.

How do the FitGrid Class App Rewards work?

A new Class App user will be offered up to five free classes at participating studios to the extent the user does not already have an account with such studio(s). As a new Class App user, you receive a free class reward just by completing the Class App registration after downloading the Class App. To earn up to four more free classes, you will be required to complete a registration process, and then by reserving, purchasing and attending three classes at a participating studio through the Class App, you can earn an additional free class (up to four free classes). Users who do not actually attend the class, attend only partially, or for any other reason are not marked by the studio as having attended the class, will not receive the free class reward credit. The studio's records will be used by FitGrid to determine in its sole discretion whether a free class reward has been earned and will be granted to the user. Each free class reward must be redeemed at a participating studio the user has never attended before or previously been signed up as a member/guest. Each free class reward expires 3 months after being awarded if not used by the user. . The free class rewards have no cash value.

Is there a FitGrid Class App Membership users can join to save on fees?

FitGrid does not currently offer a “membership,” but users can earn free classes simply by reserving classes on the Class App. New Class App users can earn up to five free classes.

Will the FitGrid Class App rewards affect other rewards?

No. Studios may offer individual promotions or loyalty programs to reward their customers. Any promotion and rewards associated with them are offered by the studio and not by FitGrid. Should you have questions about any studio promotion or loyalty program, please ask the studio for more information.

Is there a service fee for reserving free classes or using a FitGrid free class reward?

All reservations are subject to the service fee.

What happens if a user cancels a class?

The service fee is non-refundable. The cost of the class will be processed directly by the studio.

What happens if the studio cancels class?

The service fee is non-refundable. The cost of the class will be processed directly by the studio.

What happens if FitGrid is unable to complete the class reservation?

The service fee will be applied as a credit to the user’s FitGrid Class App account and applied the next time a service fee is charged when the user uses Class App reservation service.

Can a user cancel a class through the FitGrid Class App if the class was reserved elsewhere?


How can users provide feedback on the FitGrid Class App?

Users may submit feedback through the Class App or by emailing support@fitgrid.com.

In what countries or territories is the FitGrid Class App available?

The Class App and a FitGrid Class App account may only be used in a country or territory where current studios exist and the laws of that country or territory permit its use.

Do users of the FitGrid Class App have to pay sales tax?

The user is responsible for paying all applicable state and local taxes required to be collected in the jurisdiction where the user resides, is then using the FitGrid Class App in or where the studio is located or class or service being purchased is being provided. Each state has different rules about when tax must be collected when a user makes a purchase. If FitGrid is legally required to pay or collect any taxes on the user's behalf, FitGrid will charge the user via an appropriate payment service and the user agrees to the payment of such amount.

How do users stop getting emails from FitGrid?

Users may unsubscribe from emails at any time via the “unsubscribe link” at the bottom of the email or users may reach out to support@fitgrid.com to request removal from the distribution list. Any request to unsubscribe will not affect operational and transactional emails that FitGrid must send you in connection with your reservations, your account, or other such matters. It may also not affect emails that studios or their other service providers (e.g., a booking/billing system provider) have the right or believe they have the right to send their users including when such studios or providers use FitGrid to send the emails.

What happens when a user terminates a membership at a studio?

In certain instances, FitGrid will provide users certain functionalities and services that cross over the top of multiple studios or continue to be accessible even after the user has terminated the association with one or more studios.

How do users delete a FitGrid Class App account?

Users may cease to use the Class App at any time and/or send a request to support@fitgrid.com to delete a Class App account.

Who do users contact with more questions?

Please contact support@fitgrid.com.

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