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How to Accrue and Redeem Free Classes
How to Accrue and Redeem Free Classes

Free classes are one of the perks of using the FitGrid Class App

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When you sign up for the FitGrid Class App, you are given 1 reward credit. This reward can be used to attend a class at a participating studio you have never been to before.

To redeem this reward credit, login to the FitGrid Class App. Click on “Find a Class”.

Your available reward will be reflected in the upper left corner.

Next, search for a studio or class. You can redeem your reward at any studio you have not been to before if the studio is participating in the rewards program. For studios participating in FitGrid Rewards, you’ll see an icon labeled “Free Class Available”.

To redeem, tap “Free Class Available”, then “View Schedule”.

Find the class you are interested in and tap “Reserve Free”.

Please note: you must verify your email address and phone number to book a free class. If you have not yet done this, you’ll be guided through the process after following the instructions above.

How to earn additional reward credits

In order to earn additional credits, you must book and attend 3 classes at 1 studio. Classes must be booked using the FitGrid Class App, and reward credits can only be used at a studio you have never been to before.

Reward credits expire 1 month after they are earned, and at this time, they cannot be returned to your account if you cancel your booking.

At this time, consumers are able to earn a maximum of 5 credits within the FitGrid Class App Rewards program.

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