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Send and receive messages
Send and receive messages

How to communicate with Classmates, Friends, Instructors, and Groups

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When you first create your FitGrid account, you are able to specify how you feel about receiving messages.

You can update your privacy at any time by tapping your picture in the upper-left of any screen, then tapping the section labeled "Privacy setting."

Have conversations with other FitGrid app users

You can start a conversation with a Friend, Classmate, or Instructor by navigating to their Profile and tapping the "Message" button.

To start a conversation with an existing FitGrid Group, tap on "Community" at the bottom of any screen in the app, then tap on "Groups" and select the Group you wish to message.

Once you have started a conversation, that conversation will appear on the Messages screen, which you can access by tapping on "Messages" at the bottom of any screen in the app.

You can also start a conversation from the Messages screen by tapping the Compose icon in the upper-right corner.

  • To start a one-on-one conversation, search or browse for Classmates, Instructors, and Friends.

  • To start a Group conversation, tap "Create new group" at the top of the screen.

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