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Connect with Classmates, Instructors, and Friends
Connect with Classmates, Instructors, and Friends

How to find and connect with other FitGrid users

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Privacy and visibility

When you first set up your FitGrid account, you'll be asked to configure your privacy settings. These settings will determine whether other FitGrid app users can find and message you.

You can update your privacy at any time by tapping your picture in the upper-left of any screen, then tapping the section labeled "Privacy setting."

The FitGrid Community

To explore the FitGrid community and connect with friends, tap on the Community tab at the bottom of any app screen.

FitGrid Friends

FitGrid Friends are app users who have accepted your request to connect. You can see their profile, upcoming classes they have shared, and send them messages.

You can add FitGrid Friends in several ways:

  • Link a Studio during your initial setup or from your Profile screen (tap your picture in the upper-left). Once you've linked a studio, the app will suggest potential FitGrid Friends who use the app, share your interests, and have taken multiple classes with you at that studio.

  • Link a Facebook account during your initial setup or from your Profile screen (tap your picture in the upper-left). Once you've linked an account, the app will allow you to invite your Facebook Friends to FitGrid, and will show you Facebook Friends that are already using FitGrid.

  • Browse your Classmates, Groups, and Instructors on the FitGrid Community screen to find those who might want to connect. Tap the slider icon to filter by studio, city, or even class session.

  • Search for a specific FitGrid user by tapping the magnifying glass icon in the upper-right corner of the Community screen.

  • Invite someone to FitGrid via email by tapping "Invite to FitGrid" at the top of the Community screen or the bottom of the Home screen.

Once someone has accepted you as a FitGrid Friend, you'll be able to see classes they are planning to attend in the "Friends' Upcoming Classes" segment of the Home screen.


This section of the Community screen shows you everyone you've taken classes with at studios on the FitGrid platform. If they aren't on FitGrid yet OR have set their profile to Private, you'll only see their initials. If their profile is Public, you'll be able to see their name and picture. You'll also be able to send them messages and invite them to be your FitGrid Friend.


If you are a member of a Group, you can tap on that Group to view other Group members, send them messages, and invite them to be FitGrid Friends (provided their privacy settings allow these things).


You can browse all instructors on the FitGrid platform, learn more about the FitGrid users who take their classes, and view their class schedules. This is a great way to meet up with friends and find new favorites! If the instructor is active on the FitGrid app, you will be able to send them messages based on their privacy settings.

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